Collaboration Poker Version 2

What you get

This card game includes a full deck of Poker Cards,  plus the 30 Group/Environment Dynamic Cards (based on the IA3.0)

You can purchase the optional foam-board backed A2 Poster which can be used as a template for setting up the game  HERE  or download for free from HERE 

Game contents may vary slightly from the illustrations shown.     

The objective of the game

To know with certainty what is going to give the group the best payback regarding its focus and this is achieved using a deck of Poker Cards, dice and a sand timer with the Group and Environment Dynamic Cards.

How to Buy


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There are several stages in the game.

The first is to decide which of the 3 Dynamics the group wants to  explore.  Then using the Poker Cards, you individually score each of the  ten dynamic statements.  As you go, you score individually as well as  one group.  

Once this is explored, each person highlights what they  would like to pay attention to.  Finally, you get a chance to highlight  where you may need help from outside the group.