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Motivation & SDT

Psychological Safety

Peer Group Learning - CoachingOurselves Programme

Video - Collaboration in the Workplace

Exploring Collaboration in the Workplace 

An interview with Nigel Paine of LNTV. Explores WHY strong collaboration is so important in the modern workplace. Use as part of the workshop or as a standalone resource 

Video - Why care about collaboration?

Caring about collaboration

A short video with Rod Willis exploring the subject of collaboration.

Referenced in the workshops but can be used as a standalone resource

Video title in resources: Enhancing Collaboration 

Video - The puzzle of motivation

Why we do what we do

In this presentation Dan H.Pink explores motivation and the underlying Self - determination Theory (SDT). 

This is the basis of his book  'Drive - The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us'

SDT is a key component in the Environment Dynamic  and this video is  referenced in the Navigating Collaboration 3.0 Workshops and 'Manager-as-Coach Coach Toolkit'  

Video - Motivation (SDT)

From the RSA collection


An animated version of the Dan H.Pink presentation.

An alternative way of sharing the SDT theory in an accessible way

Video - Psychological Safety

A TED TALK by Professor Amy Edmonson about psychological safety in the workplace.

A core resource for both the collaboration & mindset interventions referenced in the Participant Workbooks, Profile Report and Toolkit.

Can be used very effectively as a standalone video in talks or workshops.

Video - Peer Group Learning

An opportunity to embed Peer Group Learning

If the peer learning approach has worked well it may be helpful to know about the CoachingOurselves programme developed by Prof.Henry Mintzberg and Phil LeNir for developing management skills within the workplace. (The 70:20:10 approach)

Assentire can support this initiative if you are interested in finding out more.