Taster Kit NC IA3.0

For 1 to 4 players

Explore Group Dynamics through the lens of the Environment Dynamic, Learning Dynamic and Control Dynamic.

Working together more effectively?

Make this part of a regular retrospective and in less than 30 minutes, the team/group will start to have deeper communication, without even noticing (till later on).

We are an 'Agile Business Consortium Community Member' and contribute to the Leadership and Cultural Stream within the ABC.  We can help you in the planning, execution and monitoring to check all is going to plan.


What other resources are available




Score sheet


Print ready file formatted for A4 media. One score sheet is required per individual, per session.

Facilitation poster 1


Print ready file for A1 media.  This is to enable the exploration of each Dynamic in more detail with the support of a facilitator using sticky notes.

Facilitation poster 2


Print ready file formatted for A1 media.  This is a much larger version of the Results sheet, so those exploring the results can add sticker to the A1 poster in with the support of a facilitator. 

Download A2 Tabletop Poster

A2 Navigating Collaboration-A2 Digital Download 05 (pdf)


In print

If you would like to have your own hard copy of the Getting Started booklet, just click the Print-on-Demand button